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The First 10 Days of Dhul-Hijjah and How to Benefit From Them

Written by Marium Khan


Posted on July 17 2021

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “There are no days on which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days” (Bukhari)


picture of the kaaba in Mecca, Saudi ArabiaThe Ka'bah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

The 10 days of Dhul Hijjah are extremely important and provide an abundance of blessings for us all. Some of the virtues of Dhul Hijjah include the day of Arafah (the day Allah perfected the religion), and the day of Sacrifice (the greatest day of the year and the day of Hajj). These days motivate us to become the best versions of ourselves for the sake of Allah and allow us to reconnect with Him. If you haven’t been increasing your worship, don’t worry there is still time! So how can we ensure that we are making the most of these remaining days? 

    1. Fasting - it is Sunnah to fast on the ninth day of Dhul-Hijjah (the day of Arafah). The Prophet (PBUH) has urged us to do good deeds during this time of which includes fasting. Fasting on this day removes the sins of two years. It is also good to fast the surrounding days. 
    2.  Sacrifice -  this refers to sacrificing an animal (such as camel, cattle, sheep) as an act of worship to gain the pleasure of Allah. We remember Ibrahim (AS) and his submission to Allah by his willingness to sacrifice Ismail (AS). There are various rules to follow around sacrificing an animal, such as dividing it into three equal portions, one for yourself and family, one for friends and relatives and neighbours, and one for the poor and needy. 
    3. Performing Hajj and ‘Umrah - the Prophet (PBUH) stated, “An accepted Hajj brings no less a reward than Paradise”. Hajj is one of the best deeds and a pillar of Islam that is performed during these ten days. 
    4. Increasing good deeds - It is always important to be actively performing good deeds, but this time is a motivation to increase your deeds and remembrance of Allah. You can read the Quran, make supplications, give charity, maintain ties with your kin, stay away from evil and any other acts of worship.
    5. Repentance - Remember to repent sincerely to Allah for any sins and wrongdoings and make sure to renew your intentions on being a better Muslim. 

Here are some charities to donate to in order to maximize your good deeds!

  1. Islamic Relief Canada has various fundraisers available for crises around the world and also allows you to share your Qurbani! 
  2. National Zakat Foundation Canada targets helping people locally such as the homeless, refugees/newcomers, the elderly, single parents, people with disabilities, and converts.
  3. Muslim Hands is similar to Islamic Relief in which it targets various issues around the world such as the Yemen and Syria crises, child hunger, aiding vulnerable children in Pakistan among others.
  4. ICNA Relief Food Bank provides food for those in need locally. It is a great way to help out our neighbours in need.