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I am a mother of 8 beautiful children, a Professional Engineer, and currently an Assistant Principal at an Islamic School. I am very active and love to play sports. I am obsessed with GOLF.

My motivation to become an engineer came from my passion to shatter stereotypes and represent Muslim women in a remarkable way.

In my current role as an Assistant Principal, I am an advocate for our girls (and boys) by empowering them and inspiring them to make a difference in this world.

I'm so blessed to be able to work with my daughter on this business. Thank you for supporting our dream!


I am a 15 year old girl who loves horses! I am a creative and eager learner and enjoy drawing, painting and sometimes playing golf with my family.

I have been wearing the hijab since I was in Grade 3. I am very proud to be a Muslim and wear the hijab. I know that there are some people who say it is difficult to wear, but it is not hard for me because I have been wearing it since I was young. I always wanted to wear the hijab because my mom, older sister, aunts and teachers wear it.

I always want my hijab to look nice, but I don’t always have time to style the long wraps, especially when there is so much material! It is much easier for me to throw on a one-piece hijab, but the choices were not always the best.

That’s why I am excited to join my mom to create Leena’s Hijabs and to be able to design prints. I hope to inspire girls everywhere to do what they love and be proud of who they are! girls hijabs muslim business