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Islamic TV Shows and Channels for our Kids to Watch

Written by Anab Warsame


Posted on January 26 2023

Do you know what your kids are watching?

In this generation, technology is the number one source for all children and youth entertainment. There are thousands of different shows, movies and games that our children play that we may not know of or realize contain inappropriate material.

Young children are generally incapable of looking after themselves, and incompetent in making informed decisions for their own well-being. Plus, these shows are made to brainwash our kids and desensitize them from certain concepts.

Disney recently promised to make 50% of their characters homosexual by the end of 2022. We have already seen this happen and our kids are quickly getting confused in this matter due to the incessant exposure everywhere. 

There are many ways that we can change what our children are watching and turn it into an educational purpose within Islamically and academically.

Here are a few Islamic resources that our children can watch!  

Appropriate Islamic Shows/Channels for Children and Youth 

1. MuslimKids TV

MuslimKids TV is an amazing source for children and youth with lots of good games, and lots of good cartoons and programmes. 

We are so excited to partner with MuslimKids TV to promote this awesome product and service to our community. 

Click here to sign up for a FREE TRIAL: Try MuslimKidsTV Today!

2. Omar & Hana - Islamic Cartoons for Kids 

Omar and Hana are the number 1 Islamic cartoon in Malaysia. This fun show teaches kids about Islam in a relatable and vibrant way, with familiar and friendly characters.

Omar and Hana - Islamic Cartoons for Kids Youtube Channel

3. Iqra the Cartoon Network -  For Muslim Kids

Iqra the cartoon is a non-profit studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos to make the Qur'an story accessible to everyone, and especially children. The videos and story within the Iqra channel guides explore stories from the glorious Quran. 

Iqra The Cartoon Network For Muslim Kids 

4. Learn with Zakaria - Educational and Islamic Learning 

The learn with Zakaria channel is packed with great educational content that will make children laugh and smile while teaching them the alphabet, colors, shapes and names of animals. 

Join the Experience with Learning with Zakaria 

5. Learn the 5 Pillars of Islam Cartoon Series

This source is great for helping teaching our kids and learning the five pillars of Islam and teaching them to youth in different ways.

Learning the 5 Pillars of Islam Cartoon Youtube Channel


This resource helps break down any sexual, language and violence and gives details for parents to determine the suitability of latest movie releases. Unfortunately, it doesn't give information regarding homosexual characters.

7. Common Sense Media

This resource also breaks down any sexual, language and violence in movies, tv shows, books and video games. Unfortunately, it doesn't give information regarding homosexual references.

8. Plugged In

This resources does the same as the previous two, but it is created by a Christian group that does mention homosexuality that may be present in the reviewed media.

Controlling what our children watch online can be hard at times navigating technology as well as always being aware of the different sources they use. Working towards a solution by changing what our children watch can help within a variety of different ways, taking it step by step at a time. 

We hope that you have gained a bit of understanding and knowledge from this blog and May Allah SWT bless you and your beautiful families! 🥰