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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Written by Anab Warsame


Posted on May 16 2022

Within the month of May we celebrate Mental Health and bring awareness towards the overall issue revolving around Mental Health.

Within our world today mental health is slowly starting to become a more spoken about and serious topic. In the Holy Quran and Islam it has always validated mental health concerns and the different ways to deal with addressing the causes and symptoms of mental distress and even providing solutions.

Here are some ways we can support and be there for someone who is going through a rough time in their lives and identify when their mental well-being is being affected. 

Be an open book and not judge 

Being open about mental health issues can be nerve racking at times. Being an open book allows people to feel safe speaking as a whole around you and creates a safe space. Not only will you learn more about other people, but you will also learn a lot more about yourself. Being open to having different conversations and not judging what someone is going through within their lives.

Talk about self-care

Encouraging people to taking time off for themselves and practicing self-care allows them to separate themselves from the world. Self-care has been professionally proven to completely help and have an impact on any type of anxiety and depression, stress and enhance focus, limit irritation and aggression, promote happiness, improve vitality, and more. Practicing self-care can have a huge impact on your mental health, it's always important to take time off for yourself.

Educate other people so they understand the facts about mental health problems

Mental Health in society and the world today is being more spoken about and how it can come in many different ways with causes and effects. Educating other people as well as ourselves so that we understand the facts about mental health problems. This will allow us to have more knowledge about mental health as a whole and be aware of the different causes and effects that come with mental health and illness.

Suggest them to seek help within a therapist or counselor

Seeking help within different resources will always be an advantage within any situation. Mental health services and resources will help and have a huge impact on someone who has mental health issues because they are seeking  professional help. Seeking help within the different resources such as therapy, counseling, day to day programs as well as group programs may reduce mental health issues. This can help with stress, anxiety, and loneliness. Most importantly, mental health services save lives while enhancing the prospects of those who may be feeling hopeless and lost.

Turn back to Allah SWT and seek His guidance and cure

Turning back to Allah SWT and seeking His guidance and cure is one of the most important and helpful ways of dealing with any issues in life. Allah SWT is the almighty and can cure any sickness, illness and issue going on within our lives today. Making dua within our prayers and turning back to Allah SWT asking Him for guidance and cureness of any issue within our lives will strengthen our relationship with Allah and allow us to turn to Him within any hardship going on within our lives. Always remember that Allah SWT tests the ones that he loves and with hardship comes ease.

                       “So, surely with hardship comes ease” (Quran 94:5):

Here are some Islamic resources from different scholars speaking about Mental Health within in Islam and going in depth about the different causes and affects within these issues. Each of these scholars focuses on the different mental health issues and provides support as well as advice within the specific mental health issues people go through today. The scholars present evidence on spiritual and even physical treatments by our Prophet pbuh while emphasizing the significance of obtaining professional aid when necessary. Click the links below!