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Black Muslimah Empowerment

Written by Anab Warsame


Posted on February 20 2022

Happy Black History Month! Black History Month is an annual celebration that started in the US in 1926. During the month of February we celebrate Black History month to bring awareness and bring everyone together to honor the history behind Black History Month. We are to embrace the Muslimahs around the world and Empower them to feel confident and strong within the African American community and share their stories!

Halima Jama - A Black Muslimah wedding and family photographer that captures the beautiful moments of life within her work! Halima has been a photographer for over 16 years, her work truly speaks for itself. Halimas creative work is to honor Black love and Black joy in a dignified manner.

Instagram: @Halimajama_ 

Timaj Garad - A Black Muslimah poet, singer, song writer and arts educator! Timaj is also the founder of Canada’s first Black Muslim Arts Festival and The Sisters Retreat. Timaj is a woman of many talents and helps bring awareness to the Muslimah community. 

Instagram: @Tamajgarad 

Ginella Massa - A Black Muslimah news personality host of Canada Tonight on CBCNEWS. Ginella is an amazing news host that represents the beauty of the hijab while working. Ginella honors and brings awareness to Muslimahs around the world. 

Instagram: @Ginellamassatv 

Idil Farah - A Black Muslimah Nutritionist. Idil, also known as Idilsworld, helps bring awareness and help women heal with food. Idil’s content is inspired by the power of food and its ability to heal the body, and promote overall wellness.

Instagram: @Idilsworld 

Hakeemah Cummings - A Black Muslimah stylist. Hakeemah also known as CMB Styling offers different forms of styling ways in relation to modest fashion within Muslim women. Hakeemahs beautiful content brings awareness to the fashion world regarding Muslim women. 

Instagram: @Hakeemahcmb

Ibtihaj Muhammad - A Black Muslimah U.S olympian and activist speaker. Ibtihaj Muhammad is the 1st Muslim Female Medalist and is a sports ambassador with the U.S. Department of State’s Empowering Women and Girls through Sport Initiative and was nominated by President Obama as a member of the President’s Council on Fitness, Health & Nutrition.

Instagram: @Ibtihajmuhammad

Nadirah P. - A Black Muslimah stand up comedian! Nadirah creates content within the comedy world and breaks the stereotypes of being a Muslimah comedian. Nadirah's entertaining and creative content brings awareness to the Muslim women and empowerment. 

Instagram: @Nadirah.p 

Angelica Lindsey-Ali - A Black Muslimah public figure. Angelica Lindsey-Ali also known as The Village Auntie, works towards teaching holistic anatomy, sciences of sensual nourishment, the sacredness of womanhood and ancestral remembrance for motherhood for women and girls. 

Instagram: @Villageauntie

Zuhoor Designs - A Black Muslim owned business that creates floral designs. Zuhoor creates breathtaking fresh floral designs within events and creates a beautiful setting for others to enjoy their setting. Zuhoor also plants and has a separate passion for planting and creating amazing content for everything that has to do with plants and nature! 

Instagram: @Zuhoordesigns

Buno Designs - A Black Muslim owned business that creates sustainable, edgy and unique handmade jewelry. Buno Designs beautiful handmade jewelry designs brings awareness to African American culture and the beauty behind wearing the specific pieces.

Instagram: @Bunodesign