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5 Ways to Make Eid Fun with our Families

Written by Anab Warsame


Posted on May 01 2022

Alhamdulillah! We have reached the end of Ramadan and now ready to celebrate Eid. Eid brings joy to all of us Muslims around the world and lights up our day. Throughout the year we all look forward to celebrating Eid with our family and friends. During the month of Ramadan towards the end we celebrate and enjoy the beautiful moments of Eid with our family and friends. Here are some ways to make memorable and amazing moments with our families on Eid!

Go on a family Road trip/Get away

Spending time together is one of the greatest gifts families can give to one another. Going on a road trip within our families will make our children and Eid feel special. Not only does it strengthen sharing quality time and build different bonds and connections but as well as always creating beautiful memories with our family. Within going on a family road trip/get away this allows us to as a whole to create new Eid traditions and have all members look forward to the celebrations and joy that comes with Eid.

Have a Eid Breakfast or Dinner

During the month of Ramdan we spend time eating and breaking iftar with our families. Having an Eid dinner with our families together goes back to creating memories and strengthening sharing quality time and building different connections within our families. Eid morning always brings happiness and joy within our families, starting our day with a family breakfast or ending off the day with a family dinner will allow us to look forward to an activity within the special day.

Decorate our Homes

Decorating and preparing our homes for Eid brings us so much joy and happiness. Setting up Eid balloons, posters, banners, mats, and more! Welcoming and celebrating Eid in a variety of ways with festive ideas adds joy to our homes. Allowing our children to help and set up as well as decorating our homes allows them to be a part of the Eid festivities and enthusiasm. Decorating our houses for Eid may also make us nostalgic, bringing back lovely memories and leaving us with the desire of creating new ones with our family and friends!

Buy New Eid outfits

Growing up we all looked forward to Eid morning and picking out what we are wearing for the special day. Buying new abayas, hijabs and thobes for our families will always allow them to feel confident and special on Eid. The Eid fashion industry has changed in many different ways! There are many different options as to creating new and unique outfits, buying new Eid outfits and making our children feel special will always make Eid feel amazing.

Eid Photoshoot

Lastly, having an Eid photoshoot with our families and friends goes back to creating new connections and long-lasting memories. Taking family photos and having a photoshoot will connect us within our families, and do something special for Eid. Within taking the family photos it will always allow our children to look back at something within the next couple of years and alter it within their lives.

We hope you enjoy an amazing and joyous Eid with your family and children filled with lots of love and joy! May this beautiful day be filled with Allah ( SWT’s) Barkah and Rehmat, Allahumma Ameen.