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Potty Training 101 - A Fool Proof Guide

Written by Marium Khan


Posted on September 07 2021

Ok, so this is my most requested question and I totally understand how frustrating it is to try potty training your child.

With my first child, I asked his Paediatrician, who had four kids of her own, how to go about it. She gave me these tips that I’m about to share with you. This is how I’ve potty trained my 8 kids, and it’s worked every time.

(PS: This isn’t for nighttime training and that’s a whole other topic)

What you'll need to start with: 

1. Wait until they are at least 2 years old

2. Pick a time where you have 2 weeks free to train them (I used to do this during my summer or winter vacation). Also pick a time away from major changes, like the birth of a baby or regression will occur.

3. Buy a bunch of cute underwear for them

4. Buy a potty seat

5. Get a timer

6. Get some candies/m&ms

mother nazimah with her two daughters in our pink floral mommy and me hijabs


1. When your child wakes up, figure out when they usually pee and that becomes your morning potty time (and reference point)

Put on their big kids underwear.

2. Set your timer and have them sit on the potty for 3 mins

3. Reward them with one candy for sitting the 3 mins. It doesn’t matter if they actually use the potty or not.

4. Set the timer for 1.5 hours and then repeat the potty time.

5. If there is an accident, you need to track the timings and maybe adjust the time between potty use (depending on the child). Match their natural schedule as best you can.

6. You have to be very consistent and not skip any potty times or put them back in diapers during the day.

7. If they ask to sit on the potty, let them. 

8. You can put them in pull-ups when it’s their nap time.

9. Be prepared for a few mistakes and have extra clothes and wet wipes ready

It usually takes one week to train and the second to reinforce. Encourage them to try and party every time they successfully use it.

I hope these tips work for you and you have a successful and enjoyable experience potty training your child!