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Happy World Hijab Day!

Written by Anab Warsame


Posted on February 01 2023

February 1st is World Hijab Day!

Happy World Hijab day to all of my hijabis around the world. It is amazing that we have a day to honour our hijab and bring awareness to the different things that come with it. On this day, women of all backgrounds and religions are encouraged to try on a hijab and experience what it's like to wear. As Muslim women, we wear the hijab to uphold our own modesty and follow the words of Allah SWT. World Hijab Day is important to us at Leena’s Hijabs because our main goal was to create beautiful hijabs to empower and inspire young Muslim girls to celebrate their choice to wear the hijab and be proud of their Muslim identity.

The contemporary understanding of the hijab dates back to Hadith when the "verse of the hijab" descended upon the community in 627 CE. Now documented in Sura 33:53, the verse states, "And when you ask [his wives] for something, ask them from behind a partition. That is purer for your hearts and their hearts".

Why World Hijab Day is Important: 
Raising awareness about Crucial Issues
World Hijab Day is important for us muslims to bring awareness on issues affecting muslim women all over the world. It brings some light on the effects of public perception on how they view the hijab as well as how we view wearing the hijab.

Helping our Sisters stay Aware and Beautiful within Wearing a Hijab
Encouraging our muslim sisters as well as daughters to stay aware and show them how beautiful they look when wearing the hijab.

Making a Statement
It is an opportunity to challenge common misconceptions surrounding the hijab. The celebration makes the hijab relatable to people outside the Islamic faith.

Supporting our Muslim Sisters
World Hijab Day is important and an amazing way for people of all races and religions to show support for Muslim women. We love that society can come together and celebrate different religions.

Some ways That we Can Celebrate World Hijab day:
Wear and Experience Hijab
Everyone has their own hijab story, starting your story within wearing the hijab all relates back to you and when you feel comfortable and ready! We can celebrate World Hijab Day by wearing the hijab and experiencing how it feels not only on the outside but on the inside.

Educate People About the Hijab
Hijab is a type of modest dress that is worn by some Muslim women, including a head covering. As Muslim women we wear the hijab and feel powerful when we do, educating people about the hijab will allow us to spread awareness and open people's mindsets on how they view the hijab.

Encourage our Daughters to wear the Hijab
It is not easy to persuade a teenager or daughter to wear a hijab. As a parent we should never force our daughters into wearing the hijab, we should encourage them and guide them into doing it when they feel it is right and when they are ready. We actually have an easy and effective 5 steps guide into helping our daughter(s) wear the hijab on our website, the blog link posted below! 

Look up Some Hadiths about the Hijab

In the Holy Quran there are many verses that relate back to the hijab and can empower us women and daughters to feel more connected to the hijab. Reading and understanding some of these hadiths will allow us to build a deeper connection within ourselves as well as with Allah SWT.

Stand up for Women's Rights
Allah SWT has created both men and women without subordination of one another. Standing up for women's rights specifically within muslim women is important to show a support system. Muslim women all across the world are discriminated against just for wearing a hijab, supporting and standing up for them is a great way to celebrate World Hijab Day.

The most important thing is to try to plant the love for hijab in all of our hearts, starting whenever we as women feel like it's right for ourselves and our daughters. Showing love for the hijab within ourselves will automatically attach our daughters to the hijab and make it easier for them to feel confident and powerful in the hijab.

We hope you have learned a bit more knowledge from this blog about World Hijab day! May Allah SWT strengthen our daughter’s faith as well as allow it easier for us women as a whole to stay connected to the hijab and His words. May He accept all of our duas and prayers within this year, May He allow us to all become closer to the deen and may this year be filled with His Barkah and Rehmat, Allahumma Ameen!