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The Leena’s Hijabs Story

A few years ago, I took my daughter shopping for a beautiful and unique dress for Eid. We spent countless hours looking for the dress, and subsequently the matching shoes and accessories. I laid everything out for Eid and couldn’t help but feel proud - we did good!

On the morning of Eid, I spent an hour getting her dressed and doing her hair. As we were about to leave the house, she ran upstairs frantically to grab her hijab for Eid prayers.

An old. Tacky. One piece hijab.

It didn’t match her Eid outfit. In fact, it took the outfit from beautiful to blah!

A part of my brain whispered, “Ahhhmm, no way is this girl leaving the house looking like that!”

While the more logical part whispered, “Remember what your mother said. Never tell your daughter to take of her hijab because there will be a day when YOU ask her to wear it, and she will say no. Encourage her choice.”

What did I do? I bit my tongue and let her attend Eid prayers wearing the old, tacky, one piece hijab. But, the gears started turning in my mind.

There needed to be a solution to the tacky one-piece hijab problem for girls.

Fast forward a few years (and daughters) later, and I decided to introduce fashionable one piece hijabs for girls ages 5-14. Nothing tacky. I promise!

The hijabs are not only fashionable, but also comfy, easy to wear and wash, and high quality. You and your mini-me can choose from our collection of solids and prints (including custom designed prints by Hana!). There are 4 styles available:

Mini: one-piece pull-on for 7 and under
Midi: one-piece pull-on for ages 8-14
Wrap: rectangular wrap with presewn closure around face for ages 8-14
Mom: rectangular wrap with presewn closure around face for ages 15+

I saw how empowered my daughter felt when I gave her the job of designing prints for our hijab collection. I wanted to pass on this empowerment to other girls, too. That’s why we have a “design-your-own-hijab” option! You and your girl can choose a style, print, color, and customized embellishment to create a one-of-a-kind hijab that’s just as unique as both of you!

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