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  • Do you celebrate birthdays?

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on October 13 2019

    Do you celebrate birthdays?

    I have a question: do you celebrate birthdays?

    My whole life we grew up not celebrating birthdays, except if our relatives were in town we would buy a cake and sing “happy birthday” to appease them.

  • What are your kids watching?

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on September 29 2019

    What are your kids watching?
    Do you know what your kids are watching? Are you doing everything within your power to keep them and your family safe?
  • Rocking the Extra Chromosome

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on March 21 2019

    Rocking the Extra Chromosome
    Our guest contributor, Abeer Zuberi, tells us how her daughter "rocks her extra chromosome."
  • Period Talk

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on October 30 2018

    Period Talk

    I thought I had done my job as a mom, but the girls had a different opinion. In summary, they told me that I had left them unprepared for what they would experience when they got their period. Read the blog to find out their tips for every mom.

  • Top 5 Ways to Stay Active in Summer

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on August 01 2018

    Top 5 Ways to Stay Active in Summer
    Summer is halfway done and I have been enjoying my time off! It’s really easy to get lazy during the summer because there isn’t a lot to do. Sometimes it’s harder for girls to stay active in the summer because unfortunately, we usually aren’t into sports as boys (we should change that!). I try to be a good role model for my younger sisters and try to show them different ways to move in the summer. I wanted to share with you my most favourite ways to keep moving in the summer:

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