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  • COVID-19: Quarantine Tips

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on March 15 2020

    COVID-19: Quarantine Tips
    What should you do if you have been quarantined with kids? We have prepared a list of things to do to keep you and your loved ones busy. InshaAllah, by implementing these tips, you will come out better having established many positive routines.
  • International Women's Day

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on March 12 2020

    International Women's Day
    March 8: International Women’s Day! March 8, 2020 was International Women's Day and we...
  • Hayaa'

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on December 31 2019

    “Did you watch the latest Game of Thrones episode?” If I had a dollar for every time on...
  • Do you celebrate birthdays?

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on October 13 2019

    Do you celebrate birthdays?

    I have a question: do you celebrate birthdays?

    My whole life we grew up not celebrating birthdays, except if our relatives were in town we would buy a cake and sing “happy birthday” to appease them.

  • What are your kids watching?

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on September 29 2019

    What are your kids watching?
    Do you know what your kids are watching? Are you doing everything within your power to keep them and your family safe?

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