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  • Want your kids to fast?

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on May 06 2020

    Want your kids to fast?
    Here are some tips, many from Sunnah, to help encourage your children to fast and to make the fast easier on them, so that they can enjoy this beautiful month and cherish it. 
  • 10 Ramadan Gift Basket Ideas for kids

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on April 13 2020

    10 Ramadan Gift Basket Ideas for kids
    Ramadan is approaching fast, and that means it’s time to start preparing for long days ...
  • COVID-19: Quarantine Tips

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on March 15 2020

    COVID-19: Quarantine Tips
    What should you do if you have been quarantined with kids? We have prepared a list of things to do to keep you and your loved ones busy. InshaAllah, by implementing these tips, you will come out better having established many positive routines.
  • International Women's Day

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on March 12 2020

    International Women's Day
    March 8: International Women’s Day! March 8, 2020 was International Women's Day and we...
  • Hayaa'

    Angie Hindy

    Posted on December 31 2019

    “Did you watch the latest Game of Thrones episode?” If I had a dollar for every time on...

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