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Inspirational Muslim Women Series - Najah Bazzy

Written by Marium Khan


Posted on November 07 2021

“If God has privileged me with that, it's a huge responsibility. I hope I am able to execute it with dignity and respect that our faith deserves.”

Named one of the top 10 CNN heroes of 2019, Najah Bazzy began the organization Zaman International to help marginalized women and children out of her van in 1996 after seeing a family without basic essentials in their home. She helps break the cycle of extreme poverty and brings hope into people's lives. She also co-founded the Young Muslim Association (now the Muslim Youth Connection) and serves as Senior advisor to provide leadership training to youth.

najah bazzy speaking at a conference 

Najah previously earned her nursing degree and is a registered nurse who leads Diversity Specialists, a group that promotes cross-cultural understanding between clinicians and patients. She is also an interfaith leader who educates people on Islam through various platforms such as books, documentaries, with audiences in the U.S and around the globe. 

Najah Bazzy teaches us that we can accomplish many things, as per her long list of associations. She has indulged in multiple ways of helping other people, and she utilizes her strengths to do so. Najah created her own seat at the table and continues to use it to help others and to encourage the same from youth. Notably, she applies her education to improve the industry she has worked in. This shows us that we can use the things we learn to improve the world around us, given the right motivation. She has become a positive representative of our faith in any space, which is exactly what we should strive to accomplish.

May Najah be rewarded for every person she has helped, Ameen.