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Why I started this Business with my Daughter

Angie Hindy

Posted on April 10 2018

I remember, as a little girl, how I would want to wear the hijab to imitate my mom and teachers (I used to attend an Islamic School)I would fight with my mom to wear it, especially on the days we would go out to fancy places. Eventually, she would let me get my way.

I never understood why she prevented me in the first place.

Although, I was in a short skirt and t-shirt, didn’t she want me to do the right thing and wear the hijab? I chose to officially wear the hijab when I was in Grade 3 (regardless of what my outfit looked like) and have proudly stood by my decision ever since (Alhamdulillah). - Hijabi mom green romper white hijab boss mom

I realize now the reason my mom prevented me from wearing the hijab sometimes - because I would choose a color that would completely clash with what I was wearing. Or, to be honest, they were just so ugly and cheap in quality that she was mortified. 

Fast-forward many years later and I found myself in the exact same situation with my first daughter, Ayah. I would plan the cutest outfit, match it with the perfect accessories and get her cute curls done up in preparation for a visit to friends, fancy outing or even for Eid prayers.

You should have seen the look of HORROR on my face when Ayah would say “Wait!” and then grab the tackiest looking little-girls hijab and put it on, ruining the entire look! little girl hijab tacky hijab

I couldn’t tell her to take it off because then I would be discouraging her from making her own choices. And I would also be discouraging her from wearing the hijab, something that would probably haunt me later on if she decided not to wear it as an older girl. I would bite my tongue and let her wear that tacky hijab (horror!). I did try to shop for hijabs for Ayah but it was very frustrating due to the lack of options (this was 15 years ago).

Fast-forward again several years (and children) later, and I faced the same situation with Hana, Leena and now Sarah. Although there were now more options than when Ayah was younger, the options were still very tacky and would never match the outfits I wanted my girls to wear. That was the last straw! It was time to take action. muslim family hijabs for girls

I discussed my frustrations with Hana (who is 12) and we agreed something needed to be done. We decided to create a premium hijab line that would match current trendy girls outfits along with fancier options to wear for Eid or other special occasions.

Hana is very artistic (MashaAllah), so she began sketching away. We decided to incorporate Hana’s creative talents into the prints of our hijabs, and so she began painting prints, using beautiful colours.

We then chose fabrics together based on how the material felt against our skin and we designed styles that were easy to wear for everyday "girl" things like school, basketball, kickboxing, and riding a bike. And finally, we chose colours that would match most casual outfits, and some fancier ones for those special days. muslim boss mom girls hijabs muslim kids

...and that's when my daughters and I went from girl to girl BOSS. And you know what? We are loving it!

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- Angie 
Co-Founder, Leena's Hijabs


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