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Team Hijabi

Angie Hindy

Posted on July 20 2020

You know that feeling when you’re picked on a team and realize your teammates are pretty awesome? You have the scorers, hustlers and the pretty ones (always need a few 😉) Ever get that sinking feeling when the best players quit the team? It stings and hits you deep in the gut.

best team ever

I'm not saying “influencers” are the best players on Team Hijabi, but they help make the hijab more acceptable in mainstream media. Which makes the hijab easier to wear, right? That’s what we tell ourselves.

Yes, true intentions lie only with those individuals and Allah (SWT). And thinking that anyone else wearing the hijab will help us win in this game of life is false. On that Day, when we are running around disowning our own kids, what will a certain someone do for us if they were still hijabi? Nothing. And what does it do for us now that they’ve taken it off? Nothing. So let’s make dua for them instead and earn some sawab. 


Talk to your daughters about the responsibilities that come with being a role model or “influencer”. We all “influencers” at the end of the day: a teacher to her students or a mother to her children. Remember any good actions that influence others to copy will earn us sawab. And the opposite is also true. Remind them that their friends are THE MOST IMPORTANT TO PROTECT THEIR DEEN. Do they push them towards the religion, or away from it? Do they remind them to pray? 

come to prayer come to success

But the issue is not whether someone is wearing the hijab or not, it’s what their justification is. If you are in a state of weakened Imaan, and can’t wear the hijab, that is your personal struggle and I pray Allay (SWT) gives you the strength to get back on the Team. But if you are going to publicize that you did it to “be the true you” and “You are empowered without it” rhetoric, and try to turn something haram into something halal? No girl, I’m gonna fight you if you are publicly spreading a wrong version of the deen to so many people.

Want to switch teams, go ahead. But Team Hijabi will always defend the hijab and the honorable reasons we wear it. May Allah (SWT) keep us steadfast on the right path.

a hijabi is brave  


1. ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.
"a brave soldier"

Everytime you put your hijab on, knowing that it might not be easy, you are brave.

There is no success without a struggle, and Jannat al-Firdaws is not for free. We have to give up some of the worldly joys to gain the infinite ones in the hereafter inshaAllah.

a hijabi is strong


  1. Having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks.
  1. Able to withstand great force or pressure

A hijabi carries the responsibility of representing her religion in front of the whole world. Every time she walks out her door, she displays the strength that Allah (SWT) has given her to stay steadfast on her beliefs.

She shows the determination to do what needs to be done for His Sake alone.

a hijabi is beautiful


  1. Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. ‘Beautiful poetry’
  1. Of a very high standard; excellent. ‘She spoke in beautiful English’

There is something deeply beautiful, serene and dignified about wearing the hijab. A hijabi knows that every moment she wears it for Allah (SWT), she’s earning her place in heaven. And when she thanks Allah (SWT) for blessing her with the strength to wear it, it brings her even closer to Her Lord.

The reason a hijabi is beautiful is because, when she wears her hijab to please Allah (SWT), it beautifies her soul.

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