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COVID-19: Quarantine Tips

Angie Hindy

Posted on March 15 2020

With every passing day, the worldwide situation regarding COVID-19 is changing. There is a big chance that you and your family is, or will be, self-quarantined to keep others safe. Or the city might declare a mandatory quarantine as other cities and countries have done. At that time, only persons exhibiting respiratory problems (or any other emergency) will need to go to the hospital.

self quarantine

So what should you do if you have been quarantined with kids? We have prepared a list of things to do to keep you and your loved ones busy. InshaAllah, by implementing these tips, you will come out better having established many positive routines.

Things to do with your kids during a self-quarantine

Create a routine:

daily routine

Kids will feel more safe and secure if there is a guideline for how they should spend their day. Some kids need more structure than others, but everyone will benefit if you plan a few major activities during the day. Leave some free time for them to do what they want. 

Not only does a routine give kids (and parents) a sense of purpose, it will also give some sense of security because that is something you have control over. It will be good for everyone’s mental health. Use the opportunity to co-create the schedule with everyone in the house so that there is buy-in or ownership of the schedule.

Plan your activities around prayer times:

prayer times

Start your schedule with the prayer times. Get the kids excited for this time by dedicating a specific space to offer prayers and maybe a special hijab or kufi for them to wear. Remind them that Allah is always with them and that their days will be blessed if they revolve around remembrance.

Read Quran:

mom reading quran with kids girls in hijab

You know how we’ve all been planning to spend time to read Quran and never get a chance? Well guess who has loads of time to do those things now? All of us! Start small, such as reading one page of Quran per day. Plan a time in your day, whether after prayer or before sleep, when you will sit with your children to read Quran and highlight it in the daily schedule. In addition to all the blessings, it will also help them with their memorization skills and Arabic literacy. See if you can add some tafseer to enrich the learning even more.

Make dua together:

dua for coronavirus

End it with a dua session to ask Allah (SWT) to protect you and your family and the entire Ummah. Remind your kids of the importance of dua and how Allah (SWT) will answer it when it is best for us.

Read books:

read book

Get your kids to transport themselves to another time or world by reading books. You can do the same, or maybe read that self-help book you’ve been meaning to read for a long time. Dedicate some reading time that will give serenity to the home.

Play board games: 

board games

Not only will you keep them busy and spend “quality time” with them, it is also a great way to teach communication skills and patience. Depending on the game, some even teach your children teamwork as they must be able to work together in order to achieve a win. Since there can only be one winner, board games teach children how to deal with loss gracefully, especially if you show them that losing is just another way of winning. 

Do Household Chores: 

household chores for kids

Assign chores for your kids. Not only will you be teaching them a life skill, you will be reducing the stress of only one person carrying the load of everyone else. Kids as young as three years can successfully perform simple chores, such as vacuuming or tidying. Yes, it won’t be perfect, but at least you are teaching them to be a team player and to be more responsible.

Do Arts and Crafts: 

 arts and crafts

Stimulate the creative zone of your children’s minds. Give them a general structure of what you are going to be making, as well as all the tools they will require, and then watch them create their own versions of it. You will be amazed by how focused a child can become when they are making something of their own creation. It will be a great way to get their minds off of current events. 

Exercise together:

workout exercise equipment

Incorporate exercising in your daily routine with the kids. Not only is it a great time for you to get into it, no one is a better role model for your kids than you. You don’t need any equipment to get your heart rate going and build strength. You can find many videos and online programs to follow.

The time you spend with the kids exercising will be fun AND will make you all healthier. It will also make you avoid stress eating, which many of us will resort to during this time. And if we want to conserve food during these times, it is best to train healthy eating habits and that less is more.

Teach them to cook:

cooking utensils

Teaching your children, boys and girls, how to cook is an essential life skill for them to have. Use this time with them to teach them kitchen skills and home recipes that they will carry with them forever. Cooking also encourages kids to eat healthier when they make their own food. Talk about cooking fresh food first and what ideas you can come up with for leftovers so that nothing goes to waste. It would be a great science lesson to discover together what quantity of food and water humans need to survive each day.

We hope these tips will help keep you and your loved one occupied during quarantine and establish good routines for your family. Remember that your mental health is very important and to get your information from credible sites. 

Don't lose hope and know that Allah (SWT) is the Protector of all.

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